UPS helps electrical devices to still function normally when the voltage is weak or there is no power going through. But how do we choose the right UPS to use us? :/

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IDT Vietnam became the official dealer APC UPS Vietnam, specializing in the sale of UPS APC, APC UPSs for Server, Server Room, Data Center Systems and services for genuine APC Vietnam.

APC UPS has many lines from offline, line interactive, online with the power range to meet all capacity demands of devices on the market today. UPS APC response capacity for desktop computers from 500VA or 1000VA (1KVA), 2000VA (2KVA), 3000VA (3KVA), 5000VA (5kva), 6000va (6KVA), 8000va (8KVA) to 10KVA and power flows large 3 phase from 20kVA-500KVA. 
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